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Nomination Process

Nominations for the NC Swimming Hall of Fame are welcomed at any time throughout the year. Nominations can be made by any person, including self-nominations. All nominations have a greater opportunity for success if as much biographical information about the nominee, including their achievements and contributions, is included with the nomination. Please make sure to include the name of the nominee, their connection to North Carolina, their bio, and your name and contact information as the nominator.

For parameters/eligibility for the NCSHOF click here

The NC Swimming Hall of Fame Committee determines the inductees for the following year’s honorees during the Fall of the year prior. So, in order for a nomination to be considered for the Spring Hall of Fame induction,
all nominations should be submitted by no later than September 1 of the year prior.

To submit a nomination, please fill out the form below (you will need to go to file, save as, and download a copy of the form) and email it to hcarrow@trianglesportscommission.com or mail it to the address below in the last paragraph.

Nomination form

​​The North Carolina Swimming Hall of Fame (NCSHOF) recognizes outstanding achievements in, and contributions to, the sports of Swimming, Diving, Synchronized Swimming, Water Polo, Masters Swimming, and Open Water Swimming in North Carolina. Inductees have included athletes, coaches, officials, administrators, and special contributors. The NCSHOF Committee makes its selections for inductions based on nominations received from the public as well as the Committee's own knowledge of, and research on, potential inductees. The Committee seeks individuals and groups to honor as inductees, who have achieved at a high level and/or made a significant positive difference in aquatic sports in North Carolina. Inductees should be of good character and a positive representative for aquatic sports. For additional information on the NCSHOF, visit www.ncswimhalloffame.com.

NOTE: Please provide as much bio information on your nominee as possible that meets the general criteria indicated in the paragraph at the top of this form. Don't worry that the information you provide might not be as comprehensive as you would like. Once a nomination is received, the NCSHOF staff does additional research on every nominee, intended to provide as full and relevant a bio as possible for consideration by the Committee decision-makers for potential induction. Also, once a nomination is made, the nominee will be considered among all nominees for induction each year. While the Committee welcomes updates with additional bio info on a nominee at any time, unlike some halls of fame, there is no time period limit on a nomination which might require a re-nomination if the nominee is not inducted within a certain period of time.


SUBMITTING YOUR NOMINATION: Please submit your nomination to
Hill Carrow, hcarrow@trianglesportscommission.com or via mail to Hill at the Triangle Sports Commission, 401 Harrison Oaks Blvd, Ste. 210, Cary, NC 27513. You will receive a confirmation email upon receipt. Questions?: Either email or call 919.678.1651. Nominations are accepted throughout the year. The next NCSHOF Induction Ceremony is slated to take place during Spring of 2024.

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