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Ceil Blackman

The North Carolina Swimming Hall of Fame Committee is co-chaired by Ceil Blackwell and Erika Braun. Ceil served on the original NCSHOF Committee in the 1980s and 90s, while Erika is an NCSHOF honoree and masters champion. 

Ceil Blackwell, Co-Chairman: a long-time Raleigh Area Masters swimmer and Board Member.  She also served as Chair for several years.  Previously Ceil served as chair of the Local Masters Swim Committee for North Carolina.

Erika Braun, Co-Chairman: 2016 NC Swimming Hall of Fame Inductee and Masters Swimming World Record Holder

Gerry Chapman, Chair NCSHOF 2015-2017, Masters swimmer and former University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill Assistant Coach

Collins Lowder, Triangle Sports Commission

Kathy McKee, Associate Head Coach, Swim MAC Carolina

Trish Martin, President, North Carolina Swimming; Head Referee and Official for both NC Swimming and North Carolina Masters Swimming.

Paul Silver, Head Coach of the Marlins of Raleigh Swim Team.

Kevin Thornton, Head Coach of the Greensboro Swim Association Swim Team.

Alan Toll, Masters swimmer; Former Assoc. Head Coach Ft. Lauderdale Swim Team and Assistant Coach, UNC Chapel Hill

Jonathan Watson, Assistant Coach of the Marlins of Raleigh Swim Team.


Erika Braun

Hall of Fame Committee